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11 Sep

Show Me the Science

Another good article about the pseudoscientific intelligent design “theory” in the New York Times: Show Me the Science. (registration required). Follow @acitta

11 Sep

The Case Against Intelligent Design

Here is a good article in The New Republic about how religious cultists in the US are trying to get religious creationism accepted as a scientific theory so that they can get public schools to indoctrinate children with their religious beliefs. THE CASE AGAINST INTELLIGENT DESIGN: The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Follow […]

11 Sep

Montreal and SouthernCounty Railway

I found various websites about the Montreal & SouthernCounty Railway, that ran on the South Shore through Greenfield Park. This site has some brief historical info. This page has 57 M&SC photos. Other good sites with pictures are here, here and here. The Bytown Railway Society has a book. Here is a couple of photos […]

11 Sep

History of Greenfield Park

The History of Greenfield Park, 1910-1975 by John Riley. Follow @acitta

11 Sep

Greenfield Park Blogs

Attention all expatriates of Greenfield Park, Quebec. Check out the following blogs by Greenfield Park expatriates or residents: Marty North and Greenfield Park Roots GPK and Friends by Mike Rilstone The Northbros Gazette by Elton North The Big Desk by Bruce Hollingdrake The Thompson Family Greenfield Park Centennial 2011 Follow @acitta

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