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13 Jan

Big fire

On Jan. 1, I was awakened around 4:30 AM to frantic banging. I got up and my roommate said “I think there’s a fire.” I opened the door to the apartment, which opens onto the back yard of the rooming house in which I live to see the old garage entirely engulfed in flames.
The arsonist who has targeted over a dozen garages in Kitchener, had struck again. Anyhow, after all of the excitement was over, and the fire and police personnel had left, and the residents were allowed to go back to bed, I was the only one around when the local CTV news reporter arrived. So, I was the one resident who got to be on the evening news. Here is a the link to the news video (divx format, right click to download). Here are a couple of photos of the aftermath (click to enlarge).View out my apt. door on Jan 1. View of my apt. door on Jan 1.

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