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24 May

Rationalism and Buddha

“Rationalism is as old as Buddha. Buddha was the earliest rationalist. In his Dhamma, there is no room for superstitions. He refused to speak on the soul, God, devils, ghosts, the origin of earth or mankind, or the afterlife. He considered them inconsistent with his philosophy. He considered discussions on these topics a waste of time. Such discussions, he believed, neither sharpened the wit nor promoted the welfare of his fellow beings. He asked to dwell on what is real and what is relevant for the welfare of mankind.

Buddha nowhere took the help of magic or sorcery or miracles. He rejected all superstitious or supernatural methods to preach his Dhamma. He relied solely on intellectual methods like explanation, discussion and persuasion to spread his message. He was never aggressive. He only appealed to the intellect. He never compelled anyone to accept his preaching. He was confident that his Dhamma was rationalistic and based on scientific thinking.”

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