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30 Sep

What is the Monkeysphere?

Why is the world a sesspool of war, crime and email spam? The answer lies inside the monkeys. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

29 Sep

Alan Clements responds to Burma crisis – CBC Radio interview

Listen to a 7 minute radio interview with Alan Clements on CBC Radio Canada discussing the Buddhist monk-and-nun led revolution in Burma. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

22 Sep

The Long Road To Free Software in Quebec

A good story, by Cyrille BĂ©raud, Savoir-faire Linux CEO, on why free software is important. Applicable to all jurisdictions, not just Quebec. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

16 Sep

Why Open Media Matters

Free formats have the same or better quality compared with proprietary ones like MP3 or Flash. You can share media files across P2P and different operating systems, and it will work on those computers because the specification of the formats are open. No matter your needs, be it music, speech, video, playlists, or slideshows: open […]

15 Sep

Diluting the scientific method: Ars Technica looks at homeopathy

Join the four science writers of Ars as they examine the ostensibly scientific evidence in support of homeopathic medicine, an exercise that should provide everyone with a greater understanding of the features that separate science from pseudoscience. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

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