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25 Nov

The universe looks like a fix. But that doesn’t mean that a god fixed it.

Acclaimed pop-sci author Paul Davies believes that we will never explain the cosmos by taking on faith either divinity or physical laws. True meaning is to be found within nature. He argues that the laws of physics are more like computer software: programs being run on the great cosmic computer. read more | digg story […]

17 Nov

Beyond the Red Wall

The controversial documentary referenced in my previous post will now apparently be shown on CBC Newsworld on Tuesday Nov 20 at  10 PM. Follow @acitta

07 Nov

CBC Censors China Documentary

I was interested in seeing the documentary Beyond the Red Wall: The Persecution of Falun Gong, that was to be broadcast on CBC Newsworld. When the broadcast time arrived, the program was not broadcast and all references to it were pulled from the CBC’s website. To an emailed enquiry I received this response from Peter […]

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