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07 Nov

CBC Censors China Documentary

I was interested in seeing the documentary Beyond the Red Wall: The Persecution of Falun Gong, that was to be broadcast on CBC Newsworld. When the broadcast time arrived, the program was not broadcast and all references to it were pulled from the CBC’s website. To an emailed enquiry I received this response from Peter Rowe, the writer, producer and director of the program:


Many of you have written asking what happened to the broadcast last
night of “Beyond the Red Wall”.

I received a call from CBC at 5;30 PM yesterday saying that a sudden
decision had been made not to run the show. They cited a need to do
“more editing” on the film.

Callers to CBC last night were told there were “contractual issues”.
(Just for the record, there are none. CBC signed off on the film and
the contract deliverables in March of this year).

Last night all references to the film were taken down off the CBC
website – although I have now been told this may be restored.

Many of you have asked if there was any political interference in the
broadcast. A veteran Toronto journalist called this morning to say
that he was just told by the Head of Media Relations for CBC that
the Chinese Consulate has placed calls to the CBC regarding the film.

Many have asked if or when the film will be broadcast. I have no
knowledge of any broadcast date in Canada, although it will be
broadcast in Ireland and possibly some other countries in the near

Thank you for your interest.

Peter Rowe

I am shocked that the CBC would engage in this blatant censorship. Does the Chinese government have veto over CBC programming?

Update: there is a story on the CBC website here.

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