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28 May

New statistical method throws up ancestry surprises

A new way of analysing genetic variation in human populations is throwing up a number of surprises about our ancestry. Among other things, the new technique reveals a strong gene flow from northern Europe to eastern Siberia. The results also suggest that the native populations of north and south America have different origins. read more […]

26 May

Russian Activist’s Blog

Check out the English-language blog of Oleg Kozlovsky, Coordinator of the Russian youth activist organization Oborona (“Defense”). They are committed to bringing democracy and civil society to Russia, and are eager to use the blogosphere to communciate with those outside Russia who share our aims.  Oleg was recently illegally imprisoned to prevent him from engaging […]

20 May

The Wheel of Consciousness

The Wheel of Consciousness describes twelve unique states of mind available to us over a 24-hour day. Some occur with strict regularity, others are more rare. From the book “Head Trip” by Jeff Warren. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

17 May

Raw Milk: Healthy or Hazardous?

Amid the idyllic peacefulness of a Grey-Bruce County farm, a milk battle is brewing. Farmer Michael Schmidt fights to be allowed to distribute raw milk from his cows to customers who include a former Ontario finance minister. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

01 May

Facebook applications can steal your personal data

BBC exposes a fatal flaw that allows Facebook applications to steal your private information. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

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