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08 Sep

Fuck Stephen Harper

Bloody fucking hell! The Green Party has been shut out of the leaders’ debates again!!!  Clearly we do not live in a democracy when corporate leaders and incumbent parties can arbitrarily decide what political messages we are allowed to hear.  It is clear that this prime minister and his corporate masters hate democracy and are actively working to destroy it. Clearly, Harper is afraid of Elizabeth May because she is the one party leader willing to clearly tell the truth.   I am especially disappointed in Jack Layton.  I used to respect him.  He has shown himself to be no better than Stephen Harper.  Down the road, I bet that the NDP will be dismayed to find that they also will be shut out of the leaders debates with a similarly bogus excuse.  I think that the fascist right of this country would prefer that there be only two parties in the debates, just like in the US, so that they can more easily manipulate the election.  Vote Green, people!

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