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20 Jan

Linux Saves the Day

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04 Dec

Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law

Michael Geist has produced a documentary on the attempts by the Conservative government to introduce draconian copyright legislation to restrict our rights.  Everyone who is concerned about freedom should view this short film.  Click here to see this film. Follow @acitta

01 May

Facebook applications can steal your personal data

BBC exposes a fatal flaw that allows Facebook applications to steal your private information. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

14 Aug

Don’t fall for the Potemkin scam

Cory Doctorow says “The DRM business model is the urinary tract infection of media experiences: all of the uses that used to come in an easy gush now come in a mingy, painful dribble – a few pennies out of your pocket every time you want to watch a show again, hit the pause button, […]

30 Sep

My Boinc Statistics

Boinc is a program that allows one to use the spare cycles of one’s computer to participate in scientific experiments. I have been running Seti@Home since August 1999 and am now participating in the BBC Climate Change Experiment and Follow @acitta

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