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12 Oct

Canada in Peril – SPP Election 08

Why the Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP) between Canada, the United States and Mexico should be the key issue of the 2008 federal election campaign in Canada. The SPP affects every aspect of our lives and if left to continue on its current course could spell the end of Canada as a sovereign, democratic country. read […]

12 Oct

Jack Layton on Net neutrality: P2P Power

P2PNet:  The NDP’s Jack Layton has become the first leader of a major Canadian political party to acknowledge the importance of P2P People Power, using the Net to carry his message. More coverage on TorrrentFreak and Slashdot, and don’t forget Michael Geist’s Blog and the Fair Copyright for Canada. Facebook group. read more | digg […]

07 Oct

Conservatives to Re-Introduce Canadian DMCA if Elected

No Conservative MPs have signed the Copyright Pledge. The Conservatives plan to re-introduce Bill C-61 without consulting the public or the Canadian entertainment industry. It is clear that this party does not serve the Canadian public, but rather the multinational media cartel. Clearly, Stephen Harper and his party are traitors to Canada who are conspiring […]

09 Sep

Why Do People Vote Conservative?

Edge: the Third Culture has published the following interesting essay by psychologist  Jonathan Haidt.  Though it refers to American political parties, I think that his research may be useful in a Canadian context. Commentary by Daniel Everett, Howard Gardner, Michael Shermer, Scott Atran, James Fowler, Alison Gopnik, Sam Harris, James O’Donnell follow the essay. […]

08 Sep

Fuck Stephen Harper

Bloody fucking hell! The Green Party has been shut out of the leaders’ debates again!!!  Clearly we do not live in a democracy when corporate leaders and incumbent parties can arbitrarily decide what political messages we are allowed to hear.  It is clear that this prime minister and his corporate masters hate democracy and are […]

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