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22 Sep

The Long Road To Free Software in Quebec

A good story, by Cyrille BĂ©raud, Savoir-faire Linux CEO, on why free software is important. Applicable to all jurisdictions, not just Quebec. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

16 Sep

Why Open Media Matters

Free formats have the same or better quality compared with proprietary ones like MP3 or Flash. You can share media files across P2P and different operating systems, and it will work on those computers because the specification of the formats are open. No matter your needs, be it music, speech, video, playlists, or slideshows: open […]

14 Aug

Don’t fall for the Potemkin scam

Cory Doctorow says “The DRM business model is the urinary tract infection of media experiences: all of the uses that used to come in an easy gush now come in a mingy, painful dribble – a few pennies out of your pocket every time you want to watch a show again, hit the pause button, […]

27 Feb

Gizmodo’s Anti-RIAA Manifesto

This is an overview of what the US based RIAA does, why it’s damaging, and what we need to do to stop it. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

05 Feb

Ubuntu Canada vs. Microsoft’s Ice House

Ubuntu Canada/Toronto reports that their counter-marketing campaign in front of the Microsoft Ice House was an absolute success, despite initial discouragement and words from Toronto Police. Link to pics included. read more | digg story Follow @acitta

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