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23 Jul

Buddhism and Quantum Physics

What is reality? The mindsets of the modern world provide four answers to that question and oscillate between these answers:

The above linked article is based on a more in-depth article at

22 Feb

A Year on the Grand

A Year on the Grand is a great photo blog by David Bebee and Mathew McCarthy of the Waterloo Region Record.

Eagle by the Grand River in Cambridge, Ontario

Eagle by the Grand River in Cambridge, Ontario

19 Feb

Born believers: How your brain creates God

This article in New Scientist discusses the two leading scientific theories on the origin of religious belief in human culture.

20 Jan

Linux Saves the Day

29 Dec

Microsoft Windows Vista vs Your Freedom

There is a battle underway between those who value freedom, and corporations such as Microsoft who wish to profit by taking that freedom away. DRM and absurd licenses are at the heart of that battle. Please join us on the side of freedom by saying NO not just to Windows Vista and other DRM-enabled products, but to proprietary software in general. Instead, use non-DRM, “free” software such as the GNU/Linux operating system. You can get your work done while ensuring that your rights and freedoms will not be restricted now and into the future.

Read the full article by John Sullivan of the Free Software Foundation at this link.

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